We at Creative Headline offer PPC services for our worthy clients.
PPC can be explained as pay-per-click, a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked.
Basically, it is a way of buying visits to your site, instead of attempting to “earn” those visits organically.

How Does It Work?

Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC. It allows advertisers to propose for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links when someone searches on a keyword which is related to their business offering. For example, if we bid on the keyword “PPC software,” our ad might show up in the very top spot on the Google results page.

Every time our ad is clicked, sending a visitor to our website, we have to pay the search engine a small fee. When PPC is working correctly, the fee is insignificant, because the visit is worth more than what you pay for it. In other words, if we pay $4 for a click, but the click results in a $400 sale, then we’ve made a sizable profit.

In order to build a winning PPC campaign, you must;

  • Research and select the right keywords
  • Organize those keywords into well-organized campaigns and ad groups
  • Set up PPC landing pages that are optimized for conversions

Search engines reward advertisers who can create relevant, intelligently targeted pay-per-click campaigns by charging them less for ad clicks. If your ads and landing pages are useful and satisfying to users, Google charges you less per click that leads to higher profits for your business. 

Getting professionals to do the job impeccably is always the best strategy!

If you want to start using PPC, it’s important to learn how to do it right.

PPC Keyword Research

Keyword research for PPC is extremely cumbersome.

However, your entire PPC campaign is built around keywords, and the most successful Google Ads advertisers continuously grow and refine their PPC keyword list.

If you only do keyword research once, when you create your first campaign, you are surely missing out on hundreds of thousands of valuable, long-tail, low-cost and highly relevant keywords that could be driving traffic to your website.

An effective PPC keyword list should be:

  • Relevant
  • Exhaustive
  • Expansive

Check out our popular keywords at Creative Headline, if you want to find high-volume, industry-specific keywords to use in your PPC campaign.

Managing Your PPC Campaigns

Once you have created your PPC campaigns, you will need to manage and maintain them regularly to ensure they continue to be effective. Regular account activity is one of the best predictors of account success. It’s better that you continuously analyze the performance of your account and make the following adjustments to optimize your campaigns:

  • Add PPC Keywords
  • Add Negative Keywords
  • Split Ad Groups
  • Review Costly PPC Keywords
  • Refine Landing Pages


Native Ads

Native Ads are ads that display within online publication content. This type of advertising is the use of paid ads that match the look, feel and function of the media format in which they appear.

Google AdWords

Building PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Campaigns we have the power to find your ideal customer online and place your Ads in front of them Via Google Adwords. This is one of the most commonly used methods online.

Facebook Ads

Building Facebook Ads is a way to let businesses and organizations connect with their target audience that is possibly interested in their products and services.

Instagram Ads

With Instagram being one of the hottest online markets the number of people that we can reach to promote your brand is endless.

Twitter Ads

Find ideal customers or people who are likely to engage with your brand, which can lead to a loyal customer who becomes a fan of your brand what you represent.

Targeting / Retargeting

With our background in the online game, we ensure to find the best advertising platforms that will be the most efficient to your target market. Then, we will make sure to track those leads so we can follow them and re-target them again through a different platform to make sure potential clients will be reminded of your brand at all times.


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New York Office
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New York 10004, US

Los Angeles Office
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Los Angeles, California 90028, US